Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hyper-beading nano-technology water fountain

It's not often that I get to point out mechanical toys that make interesting use of water. Well, here's one! The Aqua Dance creates an strange motion effect using a specially designed surface that causes water to "hyper-bead". And batteries!

From the Description
Simply fill the tank on the top of the Aqua Dance with water then push the pump a few times to pressurize. Turn the lever beneath to control the size and speed of the water beads as they drop repeatedly out of the tank. With the reduced friction the natural surface tension of the water takes over to create some unusual liquid dynamics. You'll find beautiful patterns in the water that are different each time. The ridges and funnels on the surface scatter the water in unpredictable ways as it zooms like quicksilver to the bottom.

Here's where you can order or get more info on the Hyper-beading Nano-Technology Fountain.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

6-foot long remote controlled reproduction Titanic

6 foot long remote controlled reproduction Titanic
At six feet long, this must be the mother of all remote control boats. Priced at $2,500, let's just hope it stays afloat better than the original.

From the product description
This is the 6' long, remote controlled reproduction of the RMS Titanic that includes authentic period details for the most discriminating nautical enthusiast. Painstakingly reproduced at 1:150 scale and involving over 400 man-hours in its assembly, the model is constructed from over 300 individually handcrafted pieces, including sculpted cedar strips that overlay the molded fiberglass hull, white maple planks (stained to replicate the color of the originals) for the decking, and mahogany for various superstructures.

Here is the link to Hammacher Schlemmer's Authentic 6 Foot Remote Controlled RMS Titanic.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Remote controlled underwater manta ray toy

Remote controlled underwater manta ray toy
Here's a novel twist to the remote control toy: an underwater manta ray. The really cool thing about it is that you can perform tricks and moves in three dimensions (like a plane) but with much less concern for crashing the thing into the ground at high speed!

From the product description:
Forefinger triggers on the underside of the remote enable independent pitch for each thruster, providing control for steep, powered dives to the bottom of pools and rapid ascents. Thumb toggles on the topside of the remote allow for independent thrust operation of each shrouded propeller, providing the ability to move forward, backward, make left and right turns, barrel rolls, or complete underwater loops--even intricate submerged Immelmann turns.
I have no idea what "Immilmann turns" are, but the range of motion sure sounds like a lot of underwater fun.

Here is a link to more info on the Remote Controlled Manta Ray.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The kinetic wave sculptures of Reuben Margolin

Here is a wonderful profile of kinetic sculptor Reuben Morgolin from the new Make: Television program.

You can learn more about Reuben Margolin at

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Antique sailing ships automaton and music box

Antique Sailing Ships Automaton Music Box
The two small wood and paper ships inside this 19th-century automaton have French flags, so it is likely of French make. The base of the scene is hollow so it can house a Swiss music Box and the tiny mechanism that causes the two ships to rock up and down on the painted tissue paper waves. A very charming antique automaton.

Here is the full eBay listing with many more photos of this antique sailing ships automaton and music box

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set

Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set
It's not every day I get to tell you about a fluid based mechanical toy. Thus, it is with no small pleasure that I direct your attention to the Hydrodynamic Building Set. It seems like you can explore a few principles that would difficult or impossible to do with most other building toys.

From the product description:
Get hands-on experience of the science of hydrodynamics by building your own working plant. Build a 1/87-scale realistic hydrodynamic plant. Uses working tanks, pipes, valves and electric pump. Design the plant, build it and add water. Use valves to adjust the flow. Build several different structures -- an ice cream factory, a water treatment plant, an oil refinery, a distillation plant, and more.

Here is one place you can get the Hydrodynamic Deluxe Building Set.

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