Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Interesting repelling magnets on spinning wheels

I don't read (or speak) Japanese, but I think what we are looking at in this video are two spoked wheels with magnets on the ends -- each wheel having the opposite pole from the other. Some interesting and unexpected motions result!

Amazon's very cool Industrial & Scientific section has a huge selection of magnets if you are inclined to do some experimenting of your own.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Levitron - floating top supported by magnets

Levitron cherry wood floating top gizmo
The Levitron top floats in space -- supported only by magnetic waves and the balance imparted by the spinning top. This is the upscale version of the Levitron featuring a cherry wood housing and brass leveling legs. Very nice.

From the product description
Classiest Levitron Anti-Gravity Top - Elegant, wood housing with brass-tone leveling legs. Unique base design amazes onlookers as the high-flying top levitates mysteriously above the opening in the center! Strong magnetic forces hold the top and lifter plate securely in place for easy carrying and storage. A Self-Starter is highly recommended for purchase with Leviton Cherry Wood. Ease in setting the top is essential for not damaging the elegant cherry wood.

Here's the link to the Levitron in cherry wood and brass.

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