Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tom Haney's long animated automaton clock

Tom Haney's long animate automaton clock
Here is a look at some of the latest work by automata-artist Tom Haney. According to Haney,this commissioned piece is "a site specific work -- a clock that is 74" long by 12" high. The clock face sits in the center flanked by 4 articulated objects including a flying woman that I am most proud of.

You can see several "in progress" photographs and four videos of the clock in action on his web site.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Giant hand-cranked butcher automaton

"Hand-cranked" may be a bit misleading, as it seems like operating this giant automaton would be a full-body workout!

See a few other shots of the giant butcher automaton at flickr.

[ Thanks philsing! ]

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wanda Sowry's wonderful wood automata @ flickr

Wanda Sowry's wood automata images on flickr
Be sure to check out the videos and photographs of Wanda Sowry's wonderful automata now accessible via a flickr photostream.

Shown here is her piece entitled 'Skeleton Xylobone'.

Here is the link to Wanda Sowry's automata on flickr.

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Monday, November 03, 2008

More details on heart-shaped gear assembly

I posted the other day about this amazing heart composed of moving gears.

At the time, I was quite uncertain about the material used. One commenter said that it was papercraft, and would appear to be correct.

I am told that the artist was a winner in a world karakuri contest back in 2005.

I see also that the artist has made a piece similar to the heart in the form of a cube. Video of the cube can be seen here if you have the right plug-in.

The artist, Haruki Nakamura, also does other forms of paper-craft including illustration, models, and impressive 3 dimensional tessellations.

See more from the artist on Haruki Nakamura's web site.

[ Thanks philsing and PINO! ]

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Collection of Thoughts by Artist Tom Haney

Here is one new piece by Tom Haney now documented on his web site. Titled A Collection of Thoughts, this motorized automaton features extraordinary detail and Haney's uncanny ability to create a vintage feel.

His web site has a set of nineteen photographs showing the automaton in various stages of construction and 3 short movies.

Here's a link to Tom Haney's page for A Collection of Thoughts.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

An Automata Maker at the Very End of the World

Artist Blair Somerville
Artist Blair Somerville (above) sits in a green bus in Papatowai, a small settlement in the Catlins district of the southeastern South Island of New Zealand. The bus is home to The Lost Gypsy Gallery, a collection of Somerville's quirky work (below).

The Lost Gypsy Gallery
When the artist is not in the bus/gallery, he spends his time combing beaches and collecting 'junk' as he calls it from which to craft all manner of clever toys, gadgets, gizmos, and automata.

Here is a link to a nice photo set featuring The Lost Gypsy Gallery.

[ Thanks philsing! Photos courtesy of Asha's Site. ]

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Flickr Set of Some Great Contemporary Automata

he Council Counsellor, by Paul Spooner and Matt SmithHere is a nice Flickr set of photographs of a nice private collection of contemporary automata. There are large photos of the pieces. Particularly well-represented are the artists Jan Zalud, Keith Newstead, and Paul Spooner/Matt Smith.

Shown here is The Council Counsellor, by Paul Spooner and Matt Smith of Fourteen Balls Toy.

Here is the link to the Flickr set of automata.

[ Thanks Steve! ]

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Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Automata / Automaton Facebook Group

I am please to announce the creation of a new Facebook group to compliment this and other automata-related sites and blogs. If you are a Facebook user, I hope you will search among the Groups section for The Automata / Automaton Group.

This will be a place to share links, post photos and videos, participate in discussions, and meet others interested in automata and other mechanical things.

If you are not a member of Facebook, it's an easy to use, free social networking site. This may be the reason you've been looking for to join.

Join The Automata / Automaton Facebook Group.

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Photos of Automata in Paul Spooner's Tribute

Paul Spooner: A Cheap Automata Shop
Our colleagues and friends over at the blog Spiel und Kunst mit Mechanik have directed me to a massive picture pool of automata by dozens of artists that participated in the exhibit celebrating Paul Spooner.

Paul Clarke, and his mother Margery Clarke, operate "The First Gallery" in Southampton, England. The assemblage of photos is by Paul Clarke and is located on the Gallery's website.

Visit the Paul Spooner Tribute Exhibit photograph page.

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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Photo Tour of the Vintage Toy Museum in Prague

Antique tin toy carpenters, Prague toy museum
In case you missed it the other day, posted about a wonderful flickr photograph set of The Toy Museum in Prague, Czech Republic know as Muzeum hraček.

Here's a link to the 37 image set of the Toy Museum.

Now for some attributions:
* Here is the post on the toy museum from
* Here is some info about Muzeum hraček
* Here is the original post on the Curious Expeditions blog

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