Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Birthday of Eli Whitney Jr., Inventor

There is a tribute on the Make Magazine Blog to this American inventor.

From the Make Blog:
"On this day in 1765, Eli Whitney, Jr. was born in Westborough, Massachusetts. Whitney would go on, most famously, to invent the cotton gin, which revolutionized cotton production in the antebellum South. He eventually became the most famous early American proponent of interchangeable parts, and also invented one of the world's first milling machines."

Here's the Make Magazine post about Eli Whitney.

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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Acra Mill Plus - create your own mini machine shop

Acra Mill Plus - create your a mini machine shopThe Acra Mill was designed to help model makers perform a wide range of tasks from sanding, grinding, and polishing to machining small pieces to with precision tolerances. The Acra Mill holds a Dremel or similar rotary tool. The Acra Mill comes ready to use. There are many configurations and accessories. If you are tight on space and work with small parts, this is an option to consider.

Here is where you can learn more about the nifty Acra Mill Plus (Warning: ALL CAPS AHEAD).

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Convert Dremel into Miniature Milling Machine

The New ACRA Mill Plus was designed with the serious model maker in mind. It is so easy to use, even the beginner will find it a great asset. You can do the most simple modeling tasks (sanding, grinding, polishing, etc.) and the most precise jobs -- working to within .001" if needed. All of this, by mounting a Dremel Rotary tool, or any Dremel-style rotary tool.

Though I have already bought Mini Milling Machine and a 7" x 12" Mini Metal Lathe, this tool little beauty is almost too tempting to pass up. Let's see how long I last before I break down and buy one.

Check out the ACRA Mill Plus.

As usual, this gem comes to me by way of Make Magazine's extraordinary blog.

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