Thursday, March 25, 2010

Industrial and Scientific supplies from Amazon

Amazon isn't just for books anymore! Tools, fasteners, supplies, parts, materials -- even brass gears -- can all be found in their online store.

Check out the extensive Industrial and Scientific section of their online store.

Among the many categories included:
* Abrasives
* Adhesives
* Bearings
* Cutting Tools
* Electronic Components
* Fasteners
* Fittings
* Hardware
* Hoses
* Industrial Hand Tools
* Janitorial
* Lab & Scientific
* Linear Motion
* Materials
* Material Handling
* Measurement & Inspection
* Metalworking
* Motors
* O-Rings
* Pipe
* Power Transmission
* Pumps
* Safety
* Soldering, Brazing, Welding & Heating
* Tapes
* Tubing
* Valves

Here's a link to Amazon's Industrial and Scientific supply section.

[ Thanks Caleb! ]

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How to make a super accurate vernier protractor

How to make a super accurate vernier protractor
Check out this cool DIY article by Steve Garrison on how to make a protractor accurate up to 0.1 degree.

How it Works (from Steve's site):
Since this protractor uses a bubble level it can only measure vertical angles. The bubble is zeroed up on a reference surface by rotating the disc that the vial is attached to until the bubble is aligned with a mark and the front wing-nut is locked down. Then the protractor is placed on a tilted surface and the larger disc is unlocked (using the wingnut on the back) and the disc is rotated until the bubble is again aligned in the same position, then the rear wingnut is locked back down. The angle is read to a degree where the long line on the left side of the vernier points to the degree scale - read the smaller number. The angle is then read to a tenth of a degree by seeing which of the vernier lines matches up best end-to-end with the degree markings and added to the degree measurement. The markings on the vernier are 0.9 degree apart.

Here is the link with details on how to make your own compact protractor accurate up to 0.1 degree.

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Engineer's Sqaure and Caliper Set

Woodcraft is selling a set of three engineer's squares (which are much more precise than your average woodworking square), along with a nice little brass caliper. The set comes in wooden case for storage.

For $35, I consider this to be a pretty good deal.

Check out these Engineer's Squares at

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Nifty Retro Wood & Brass Measurer and Marker

I'll start by saying I don't have one of these...but I want one!

Granted, I am a sucker for the wood/brass combination, but this little gadget is just plain clever.

Stanley once made a tool called the No. 1 Odd Jobs tool -- that's what this tool is based on. It's a marvel of measuring and marking.

It can be used as a T-square and mitre square as seen at left.

Here it is shown being used to scribe an arc.

Here is is being used as a depth gauge to set the height of the blade on table saw.

Of course, you can use it as ruler too (it's maple with brass edges).

Check out all the details on the Odd Jobs Layout Tool. Oh...and order one for me!

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

4" Brass Caliper for measuring

I love the look of this all brass 4 inch caliper for measuring. Often when I use calipers, I don't even read the measurement. Rather, I take the measurement with the calipers on one piece (or tool), then transfer the distance measured on to another piece. Of course, if you want to read a measurement exactly, calipers are a great way to do it.

Some of the product specifications:
  • Does outside and inside measurements
  • Sliding dovetail way (that's the track in which it slides)
  • Rigid construction
  • 4"/100mm rule with vernier scale
  • Graduated in 1/16" and mm

For under $7 USD, this looks like a very good deal to me. Then again, I love brass.

4" Brass Calipers at WoodCraft

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