Monday, September 15, 2008

Kazu Harada's Very Accurate Cat Automaton

You'll have to play the video to see why I say that this automaton of a cat is a fine piece of portraiture. I think this is a case of is art imitating life, but it could be the other way around!

See more of Kazu Harada's Automatons (or automata) at

[ Thanks Sarah! ]

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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Automaton Artist: Kazu Harada

The Automata / Automaton Blog is pleased to present you with Japanese automaton artist Kazu Harada.

Automaton by Kazu Harada
After studying Art History at in college, Kazu worked mainly as a computer operator. He started making automata as a hobby in 2002. Last September, he traveled to England "to meet great automata makers and develop my automata making skills".

Kazu chose his destination wisely; he has been apprenticing with The Fourteen Balls Toy Company -- under master automata makers Paul Spooner and Matt Smith -- while studying at Falmouth University.

See Kazu Harada's Automata Gallery at

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