Friday, March 14, 2008

Classic Automata from Skinner Auction, July 2006

Take a look at this generous video clip of a variety of classic automata by many of the famous French automaton makers.

I especially like the Monkey Duet tableau and the fact you get to see the workings of the piece.

You can learn more about many of the makers of these automata from Christian Bailly's book: Automata: The Golden Age.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Automata: The Golden Age 1848-1914

Here is an excerpt from the List of Essential Automata Books I compiled and reviewed as part of my role as Kircher Society Resident Automatist.

Bailly, Christian. Automata: The Golden Age, 1848-1914. 2nd ed. London: Robert Hale, 2003.
Do not mistake this large volume for a coffee table book with little substance. Christian Bailly recounts the history of seven influential French automata makers of the Victorian era, including Vichy, Roullet & Decamp, Phalibois, and Lambert. Within the hardbound 360 pages, the reader will delight in 150 color photographs and numerous black-and-white drawings and photographs. There are chapters dedicated to automata mechanisms and to the restoration of vintage automata.

Check back here or to often: you maybe able to find this book at a more reasonable price. Here's a link to Automata: The Golden Age 1848-1914

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