Sunday, March 21, 2010

Book: Tinplate Toys from Schuco, Bing, & Others

Tinplate Toys from Schuco, Bing, & Other Companies
Here is what looks to be a very nice book on tinplate toys from Germany -- Nuremberg, in particular -- during the mid 1900s.

From the book description:
The chapters include 300 color photographs, information about the manufacturers (especially Schuco and Bing) and their markings, and essays on the past, present and future of this special toy industry. The mechanical figures, automobiles, trucks, trains, machines and associated buildings that are presented will remind many of the best toys of their youth.

Here is a link on to Tinplate Toys: From Schuco, Bing, & Other Companies

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Gnome picture automaton from around 1890

Here is a wall-mounted animated picture depicting a group of gnomes. The automaton was probably made by Schoenhut of Germany and dates back to before the turn of the century. It measures 35cm wide by 27cm tall by 12cm deep.

From the YouTube description:
The picture features a replaceable section for advertising purposes, probably of a bar or cafe. In good original condition with very few repairs evident. There is a later added musical movement playing "La Traviata" which can be removed if required.

See this and other amazing antique automata at

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

HUGE cam used in wall-mounted kinetic art piece

Here is some video of a GIANT cam incorporated into a piece of kinetic sculpture.

The piece may be called Parallelotree and the Mechanical Wind, though I am not certain of this. I am certain that it was created by kinetic artist Aaron Geman and was shown at Mercury20 Gallery in Oakland, CA.

See more of Aaron Geman's kinetic sculpture on his web site.

[ Thanks to CTP! ]

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